Friday, December 09, 2005


I read this article in the New York Times the other day and it really "made me think" (I use quotes because that's one of those things people say that has little to no meaning).

I have to say I admire hte Germans. Their history is so convoluted and horrendous, yet they have come to confront and embrace their history in a way that I don't believe even Americans have yet to do. Their transition from their Nazi past to what they are today is nothing short of amazing in what they've overcome, how much they had to do to reunify and how well they continue to do in facing their past and trying to learn from their mistakes. They haven't fallen into the trap of self-loathing nor of forgetting and I think the world could learn a lot from them.

What if the US did the same about slavery, or Native Americans? Instead, all we hear (most often at least) is that "things are better now" and we're told not to "dwell". It's funny how much I've been thinking about Germany and South Africa lately...two countries with such incredibly tragic histories which have, since, moved on to become leaders in the world in so many ways.


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