Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bonfire and BBQ Sauce...

I got invited, last minute, to a bonfire to celebrate my friends birthday. I accepted as the alternative involved me looking at blogs all night again and no one has really posted anything new in a while (I need a car...or friends who live closer).

It wasn't until I was in the car on the way to the bonfire that I realized the conversation felt earilly (sp?) familiar. We laughed, someone sang some Adam Sandler songs and everyone introduced themselves very energetically. I was, as per usual, the only brown kid.

After a while, someone picked up a guitar and started making up songs about was going on around him...again, I thought, "This is oddly familiar, but I don't know why..."

Then I looked around, the furniature, the decor...the people. Then I saw it, in the entryway. How could I have missed it! A picture of the Mormon Tabernacle (DC)! That was it, I had reverted to my Mormon friends days!

We sat around having some wholesome fun, talked about missions (who went where, who is where now, where so and so is going next year), who got married and had kids and then debated which crappy PG movie to watch. I sat quickly brooding...

I got out ASAP and went to the store to get some grub since there was no food there. It was dark and all they had were old heat-lamped cheeseburgers, but I was hungry and grabbed two. I took em to the condiment bar and doused them in ketcup so I wouldn't taste the "meet". When I got back to my room, I opened it up, took a huge bite and realized I'd put piss tasting BBQ sauce all over my two cheeseburgers.

What a fucking bust tonight was...although, the trip down memory lane was a little...interesting, if not nice.


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