Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Compare and contrast the disgusting and un-godly behavior of a bullied, gay teenager who started an anonymous twitter handle to tell other kids to stay strong in the face of bullying with a Godly, Christian pastor who gives his congregation a "special dispensation" to "crack the wrists" of effeminate four year old boys and force their daughters to dress up and act pretty if they want to play sports. Clearly the former is a blight in God's plan and the latter is just a biblical preaching paradigm of virtue.

All this while Mitt Romney's openly gay advisor quits the campaign because of "hyper-partisan politics" and not because lots of right wing activists hate him for being gay.

Sorry...I know this post is rather obnoxious...but this stuff happens every day, and people wonder why I sometimes get upset. Not everyone is as lucky as me...and it's not about luck. It's about society and the lack of effort by those of us who can make a difference making the concerted effort to change things. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who doesn't leave that Church, or demand the pastor step down, is accepting of his words and a direct contributor to the culture that is quite literally killing our youth.


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