Thursday, September 15, 2011

random stuff...

Just some quick reading this morning as I wait to take an AWESOME urinalysis (btw...can't WAIT until my job DOESN'T involve peeing in a cup at a moment's notice). 

  1. Anderson Cooper calls out Michelle Bachmann for...well...what she always does--repeating things that make no sense because she heard it on the Internet or "someone said."  He asks, "So are these 'things' written out in advance for her, or are these 'things' in her head and pop out?" One of  her previous advisers explains, "At the end of the day she was repeating what somebody told her. But that's not the issue."

    The point is that this woman wants to be President of the United States and the only place she gets her information is apparently from email forwards. I'd like to imagine the President does a little better than "repeating what somebody told her."
  2. The California Court of Appeals tells a math teacher he can't put up seven foot by two foot banners celebrating our "religious heritage" because it has nothing to do with Math. In a related story, conservative heads explode across the nation.
  3. Anyway, I saw this video and figure if Megyn Kelly's on board with NOT being a bigot, then FoxNews should really reconsider who they have giving medical advice.


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