Thursday, September 08, 2011

Jobs Speech live blog

1840: when he recites lines like the ones he's reciting now, quoting Kennedy, are when he really inspires and hits his stride.

1838: "the next election is 14 months away and the people who sent us here to work for them don't have the luxury of waiting 14 months..." Amen.

1837: he's hitting some high notes...showing how government can help. It's like a long rebuttal to "government isn't the problem, it's the solution"

1834: "I reject the argument that we have to choose between jobs and safety..."

1832: "some of you sincerely believe..." I like that he often makes it clear that those opposed to his views aren't un-american.

1830: patent reform...those details will be agreements? Is he talking about the free trade agreement w/ panama et al? that's interesting...wonder what the details about that are...

1825: "Right now, Warren Buffet pays a lower rate than his secretary, an outrage he has asked us to fix..." good call.

1824: To everyone who's said numerous times something like "Obama won't touch medicare or medicaid" feel free to backpedal...but I won't wait.

1822: a plan a week from Monday...why does he always release stuff not right now, but later? I find that odd

1822: Bullseye! call a spade a spade and point out the hypocrisy of letting the lower income tax cut expire.

1821: "Pass this jobs bill" is begining to sounds like the refrain of a bad church song it's being said so often...

1820: tax credit if you hire someone six months off work? Hmm, unintended consequence? People newly off work won't get jobs for six months.  Also, Georgia plan he references hasn't shown ANY solid results and, as of last week, had only 12 people enrolled.

1819: tax credits for hiring veterans...hmm...will THIS get two sided applause??

1816: Ah! There's details...and that sounds like a good two-pronged plan to me...

1813: Hmm...there aren't a lot of details yet other than saying lots of good things. "Who wants to eat chiminichongas??"

1812: "There should be nothing controversial in this bill..." somehow I feel like this Congress couldn't pass a bill the President wrote if it were the "salute the flag and breathe if you love America Bill"

1809: Addressing the political crap upfront is a good call and I was thinking the same as I listened to the news broadcast right beforehand...

1759: Hillary Clinton enters looking triumphant...Hilda Solis also looks less worn down than I'd expect for the Labor Secretary

1757: They just explained that middle aisle seats are "prime territory" and that congressmen go as early as 0900 to get them. Does it strike anyone else as ridiculous that seating is something that our congressmen care that much about? Why not just draw numbers?

1753: Apparently a bunch of Republicans haven't come because they are either boycotting, uninterested, don't want to deal with "politics" or (seriously) wanted to watch football. How's that for dysfunction?

1753: Boehner calls to order. So tears


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