Monday, September 12, 2011

Tea Party Express Debate Live Blog

2115: Mitt Romney says he'd bring Churchill's bust back? he going to steal it? Ask for it? It was a LOAN! God...I swear these people just read e-mail forwards and that's it...

2046: A question designed to address the non-controversy of a Rockwell painting in the White House. Good...we need more faux-rage...

2044: They all stand there and say that we should pull out of Afghanistan now. They are the same people who said we shouldn't have pulled out of Iraq, and who said questioning if we should go in was un-American.

2042: Santorum says we were NOT attacked because of our actions, but because of a clash of cultures? This is a clear mis-understanding of what every study shows, what every international theorist has written and what anyone who study this stuff believes. But, by saying something reality based gets Ron Paul booed by this crowd. Not surprised. Funniest line of the night, Paul telling the audience, "I'm trying to get you to understand..." HA! Welcome to the club Mr. Paul!

2038: I get the feeling that Republicans just love crisis. Now we have a "national security crisis" to justify our defense spending? Interesting Mr. Gingrich

2036: Perry's the sane Republican on immigration? Is that possible?

2034: Who are all these immigrants on handouts?? This is the definition of a straw man

2033: missed some talking to Peter. Came back to hear Huntsman call Perry treasonous...too clever by half.

2015: Santorum just made it sound like this vaccine was a way of admitting children are promiscuous. ridiculous...utterly ridiculous

2008: Bachmann just made vaccinating children sound like child-rape.

2007: Perry--vaccinating little girls is good. Teaching them to use condoms...bad.

2004: this idea the tax rate is "unfair" to rich people is...ridiculous

1958: Bachmann skirts the treason question, but at least Blitzer holds her to the question. Perry stands by his remarks.

1957: crowd cheers for calling Bernake treasonous. THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is their ideology

1955: small business idea: sell XXL red-white and blue clothing outside a Tea Party rally

1952: Thank God I'll be out of the Army by the next election...for the first time in my adult life I'll be comfortable volunteering...

1948: Best quote so far, Andrew SullivanSo far, we have repealed universal health insurance, Dodd-Frank, much of the Pentagon, the Department of Education, and are so-so on Medicare and social security. What should government actually do to help the economy? Cut and reform taxes. Unless Obama proposes to cut taxes. Then that's more spending.

1948: I thought Bachmann had left the stage already...

1947: Perry scares me. His total lack of substance while spouting doctrine is red-meat to these people

1945: the four aces line was good. Perry turns it around to saying a lot without addressing the question. no surprise, the but crowd goes wild!

1941: Bachmann--history shows repatriation act doesn't work! We've tried it! I feel like it's easy to debate when you just completely ignore reality...

1938: Where do Republicans get this insight into "uncertainty with small business owners?" Just curious

1938: These questions are like a section of the GRE. "fill in the blanks with the two words that don't change the meeting of the question." why don't they just start asking, "how would you cut taxes and cut spending?"

1937: Listening to these people try hard to support things that they say they don't support because they're popular is watching gymnasts contort their bodies...

1929: Do these people REALLY think there is more corruption than good in the government? "crooks on medicaid" it THAT bad? Somehow I feel like they're being ridiculously hyperbolic

1927: prescription drug benefit...nice call.  Santorum, I voted for it. I wouldn't now. It works well, but we need to get rid of it? WTF

1923: how do we fix social security? Newt, "We have full employment..." good idea. With answers like that, how do we fix Afghanistan? "We have full support of the people" how do we fix the environment? "We have zero pollution energy!" Those aren't answers, those are just nice sounding things...

1923: First hit on Obama "he scares the American people" garners Arsenio Hall styled "hoo-hoo-hoo" with fist pump

1922: Huntsman thought ref. Curt Kobain would garner reaction in front of this crowd? They have NO idea who that is

1921: Herman Cain double-downs on the Chilean model...

1919: When Perry's not talking, he looks like a bobble head doll in the wind. That being said, Ron Paul got off in mid-sentence after he said, "because..."

1917: Does Perry think SS is Un Constitutional? His answer? He doesn't answer it. "we can have that conversation..." "we're having it right now, so answer the question!"  But...the crowd cheers for Perry for not answering? This place is bizarro world...

1916: Mitt goes after Perry's book quotes...thank God someone stops ignoring reality.

1915: God Perry seems slick in a car-salesman way. Is "A slam dunk take it home" supposed to reassure America?? Is that what people really want?

1913: minute one, Bachmann claims Obama "stole" 5 Million.  She then says, "I've had feet in the private sector and a foot in the govt. sector." That's a lot of feet!

1912: Is it a requirement that Republicans say Washington with an "R"? Warshington...where does that come from??

1911: Mitt Romney, of course you know where jobs sent them away!

1906: When did we start debates w/ the national anthem? Also...this girl is horrible. It's "Dawns Early" not "donzerly" They should have just gotten a cadet to do it...they know how to sing it right.

1905: Rick Perry, stop looks ridiculous.

1903: Why do I feel like the Tea Party questioning Republican candidates reminds me of the family I knew from high school who tried to get our priest kicked out for being not "Catholic enough".  At some point, people have to accept that any group that purely ideological will be a group of one...


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