Monday, September 12, 2011

I've consistently said that the Republican Party (NOT Conservatives) are a party that is devoid of a reality-based platform or belief system. I think there is now enough of an Obama record to judge that as valid. Why? Because he has cut taxes MORE than Bush, but is still called a Socialist.  And, while he presided over the killing of Osama Bin Laden as well as the pull out from Iraq, the fall of Egypt as well as facilitated the fall of Libya, but is still called "weak". 

These things lead me to believe that it is not any ideological belief in anything other than "Obama bad" that the Republican Party really believes in. If there were something more substantial, then they would have stood on it by now. But instead, there is just diatribes against perceived slights to religion, absurd and anti-reality based blanket statements about "socialism" and fear mongering.  Sadly, the general state of the American Psyche is such that someone making general claims and fear mongering is enough to grasp when the other side can't provide a "warm and fuzzy" that things will be OK. Obama will be undermined by his persistently acting upon the belief that America would rather hear hard truths than platitudes.


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