Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sometimes I only post negative things...that's generally because that's what boils the blood and garners a reaction. Today, however, I read three things that I felt were hopeful, or at least bode well for the future(if you read towleroad, don't bother reading on as these are all cross-linked there as well).

The first seems negative on its face. North Carolina is about to vote on a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality in the state. It is already illegal there, but to quote my favorite blogger, they want to "make it more illegaler."

Why is that "hopeful"? Because in Oregon, the Republican Party, realizing that it is a losing war and slowly evolving to a more accepting position, has stripped their party platform of the anti-gay bigotry pervasive elsewhere in its party. See how that works!? Slowly, people are realizing that marginalizing the LGBT community is not just a losing battle, but also self-defeating. Gays are just as money hungry as the rest of Republicans, so why shouldn't they be allowed to cheer death too? (<-snark)

Lastly...one of the pioneers of the LGBT rights movement has been "adopted" by the owners of a historic lesbian bar in the West Village.  The sense of "community" I've tried to explain to people is sometimes hard to get across...or the way we refer to one another as "family", but this should go far to explain why. I'm glad to see we've not lost total sense of history as a community and that we look after our own...maybe someday I can meet this woman?

And so things change, slowly, and as the quote says, "the long arc of history bends toward equality..."


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