Wednesday, September 21, 2011

military waste, fraud and abuse

Sometimes, waste, fraud and abuse isn't as clear or obvious as it seems. For example, today I had to "certify" that I had completed an online training course. The course allows for multiple attempts as well as "guess and check". So, basically, the training doesn't require one to KNOW anything to pass the test.  To take it, you need to log into a military ".mil" website, and print a paper certificate. I then sign the certificate, my "certifier" (in my case, my NCO signs it) and then it is taken to my company. At the company level, someone looks at each of them, then logs into ANOTHER website to "certify" that we've done it by clicking a button.

So, if this is going on in every company in the army, how many MILLIONS of pieces of paper annually is this when an easier, and more accurate method would be simply to "certify" by having the first website link directly with the second? Instead, we'll print and shred thousands and thousands of reams of paper and dollars of ink.


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