Monday, August 22, 2011

Things I'm reading:

Things I'm reading:
  • Less than a year ago, Governor Perry published a book about governance titled, Fed Up!.  Now, his communications director is realizing what he wrote doesn't sell well. So, how do you backpedal? How about:
    “Fed Up!” is not meant to reflect the governor’s current views on how to fix [Social Security].
    Because, clearly, a year has passed, so he's changed quite a bit...or something.
  • My favorite tweet of the day:
  • Not the cause for me being an urbanist, but at least it's evidence to support my already held decision: for every doubling in population density, the population becomes 15% more productive.
  • And evidence to support why marijuana should be legalized, as well as why most people who think like me view the "war on drugs" as an inherently racist endeavor.


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