Wednesday, August 03, 2011

random musings on today...

I've had a little to drink. I'm on TDY to TX and have no car, and no computer, so you can imagine that the happy hour at the bar called my name. That being said, I've been watching the news--or what passes as it lately.

Here's my take:
I think it's ridiculous in so many ways that the same party that now claims that the debt is the most crushing thing to America is the same party responsible for most of it. (see chart below)When Rove said, "deficits don't matter" there was a parenthetical unsaid, of "deficits don't matter (unless there's a democratic in charge)".
That being said, after the debt ceiling fiasco (in which, and I'll agree with this assessment, a minority of a party that is in control of 1/3 of the government quite literally held hostage the rest of the country's fiscal stability in order to get their way), I asked some friends if they thought we (the military) could absorb the cuts, and if so how?

The answers were as follows:
  1. Better oversight of budgets and contracts
  2. stop "use it or lose it" funds and ammunition
  3. change promotions and ratings to allow for easier "trimming" of excess personnel
Another thing? The Tea Party is ridiculous. Across the board ridiculous. They're NOT Federalists. How do you know they're ridiculous? When they turn on someone like Alan West as a "communist", then they're ridiculous. Also, when will Palin call him out for calling her and her ilk "schizophrenic"?


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