Friday, August 12, 2011

So Perry is officially in the race.

His combination of ignorance and recklessness will put Bush's to shame were he ever to become elected President. Unfortunately, it seems the time is ripe for just such a person to capture the national sentiment--the masses are looking for someone not with answers, but with guts.  His swagger will mask his lack of substance. He'll be the cowboy version of Palin; low on substance, high on assurances, and both "giving it to God" when nothing else helps.

By way of stating loud and stating early what I think of him:
  • He is a secessionist
  • He is against allowing us to elect our own Senators
  • The budget he championed without raising taxes will have $25 Billion dollar deficit
    • He staved off larger debt by shifting state sponsored education funding to the federal $17 billion
  • He thinks Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional
Those, friends, are the things I know only from reading about him over the last few months. I am sure, if I actually read into his speeches are more, there is a veritable treasure trove of crazy out there.  Republicans, you can do better. Nominate someone who is NOT an ideologue, and who has the ability to lead the country away from the wide-eyed crazies who would have us default on our debt, invade Iran and otherwise push us over the brink of empire.  Please...


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