Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jon Huntsman for Republican sanity!

To my Republican friends...PLEASE SAVE YOUR PARTY and elect Jon Huntsman! He's the sane Conservative who can save your party from self-destruction. You may win the election with someone else, but you'd lose the longer war for responsible governance, sane leadership and a future plan for the country. Jon Huntsman is a smart, experienced and practical politician.  Compare below:
vs. Rick Perry:

If you want a President who adheres to his political beliefs as religious dogma (and blurs the lines between the two at will) then, please, continue to support Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann or Sara Palin. But, if you want someone who can articulate your party's position as well as lead them away from a cliff instead of going off the end to prove a point, then vote Jon Huntsman--the rest of us are waiting for a viable second party and you haven't provided one in years.


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