Wednesday, July 14, 2010

moving treasures

When I move, I often throw many things away. I don't keep too many sentimental things--souvenirs, programs etc all get tossed. What I have picked up, and I think I get it from my grandmother, is a habit of stowing things in books. I put them in whatever I'm reading at the time so I don't lose them (letters, photos, business cards) and then they stay there until the book is re-opened.

Below is a list of things I've re-discovered:
1. a card left for me by my ex. It was left when, as I was on vacation, my ex had done my laundry and moved me into my house. The card was placed on top of my mattress, which was made with clean sheets and all. It has a childs handwriting and a picture of a puppy on the front with the inscription, "life is ruff without you here." and the handwritten note (the childs handwriting again) which reads, "it isn't funny, but it made me laugh.

2. a photograph of my father, in Army fatigues (woodlands cammo) wearing First Sergeants rank with a full head of hair

3. a letter from my eldest Aunt on my mom's side, whom I've met only once in memory, but who wrote me coincidentally to say "hello" just before I left for Iraq.

4. multiple letters from my grandmother with her trademark smiley face and inscription, "Jesus Loves You!"

5. a letter I'd received from a girl in Grease with me (1998) with one liners from Christian Rock she listened to including, "a friend's a friend forever!" and "We're all angels born with one wing, so to fly we must hold onto each other!" There are numerous exclamation points and heart-dotted "i's"

6. the MIA home burned CD my first ex gave me on our second date

7. some polaroids of me, Lee, Adam and Stu at DLI (2000-2001)

I often joke about scrap booking, but I'm beginning to realize that, scalloped edges or not, I've been doing it inadvertently for years.


Anonymous LB said...

aww! I miss you, too!

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