Tuesday, July 06, 2010

fashion and asthetics...

I was once a fashionable boy. I say boy because at that time, before the Army, I was much younger and less mature. As I joined the Army, and my time in civilian clothes became less important than my time in uniform, I lost the desire and drive to be fashionable. I became more focused on other areas of my life.

I think this was important, but as I've grown, I'm also beginning to realize that my exterior doesn't match the interior. I am beginning to understand the importance of exercise, of aesthetics, and of packaging. My little sister has quite a bit to do with this, as she is both fashionable, and has a great aesthetic in all she does--design, art, fashion and the like.

That being said, I am trying to develop my own style again, and determine what it is that I like, that is both functional and practical considering my job, location (what one wears in Tucson, AZ is vastly different from what one wears in Austin, TX) while being practical wherever I may go next.

In any case, I've re-discovered denim (thanks Greg) and grooming (thanks to photos of me with massive eye bags).

Below is a link to fifty tips for men I enjoyed and agree with for the most part:
Baxter's 50 style tips


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