Wednesday, July 07, 2010


GOV Lingle made her decision yesterday to override the decision of the Hawaii legislature to allow Civil Unions. Hawaii has already stated that gays and lesbians aren't good enough for marriage, but apparently the back of the bus is too good for LGBT Hawaiians as well.

Although the bill to allow civil unions passed with 76 members of the Hawaii House and Senate (and veto proof majorities in both), she said that "a decision of this magnitude shouldn't be made by one person."

This argument that civil rights should be put to a vote by "the people" is one of the most ridiculous I continually here parroted by those who are looking for a place to hide their own prejudices. Our democracy was set up to protect against this very tyranny of the majority and protect the rights of the oppressed minority--not to ensure the will of the majority will continually be imposed upon a minority.

The Maui Times created two covers in preparation for today, one which reads "Fail" and the other "Redemption". GOV Lingle has failed Hawaii. She stands now not as a Governor who will be remembered for trimming deficits, but as someone who, in the face of change, obstinately stood on the side of ignorance and political pandering to a base which refused to recognize that ALL people are created equal.


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