Monday, May 17, 2010

high top chucks

I forgot my running shoes today. Well, to be exact, I forgot A running shoe today. I saw my shoe in the back seat and assumed that it was half of a pair which were together. I was incorrect. So, I got ready for PT, drove to work in my socks and took a nap as I normally do until the pre-flag bugle goes off. At the bugle, I jumped up, grabbed my shoe and began wildly searching for the second. I had five minutes...I could see the Company formed up on the field.

I saw my high top chucks...

I put them on and ran to formation, sleep streaks across my face in the shape of a seatbelt. The Batallion Executive Officer came up to me with a smile (thankfully) and said, "man, please tell me you just drove in from Austin or something. I haven't seen someone run in those shoes since the eighties."

Yeah, it was a run day. I'm in "A Group"--the fast one. Luckily, I haven't bought new running shoes in years so the rubber is completely shot. Thus, running in high top Chucks, while looking ridiculous, wasn't all that different than my usual running shoes. I still ran a 12:30 two mile.


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