Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I had the honor of being asked to sponsor a cousin for his Confirmation. It's a big deal, and creates a bond that lasts far longer than its immediate religious meaning. Especially amongst Mexican Catholics, the Sacraments are far more traditional than they are religious. I am still very, very close with my own baptismal godmother, my first communion godmother and my Confirmation sponsor.

However, I have since left the Church and, by virtue of not going to confession for sins I don't believe are sinful, I am excommunicated.

So, an odd situation now occurs where I have to explain to this cousin that as flattered, humbled and proud I am that he asked me, I cannot participate. I cannot participate precisely because I respect his faith. However, at his age, I don't know that he'll fully understand my reasoning.

Then again, Confirmation (by tradition, if not by Sacrament) is when a child makes the decision to remain a Catholic for himself and confirms his Baptismal vows (again, this is the traditional, not sacramental understanding). So, if he's old enough and mature enough to make this decision to be Confirmed, then he's old enough to know why I cannot participate.


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