Monday, June 01, 2009

I wrote some years ago about how I liked the rule in TX that if you were in the top 10% of your high school class, you were admitted to the TX school of your choice. It leveled an un-level playing field and allowed kids an opportunity to compete they otherwise would not have had. While TX refused to fix the situation in its high schools and correct inequalities, this law trumped that.

Now, however, TX is changing the law because too many students are getting into the good schools. TX state Rep Dan Branch said:
“Texas doesn’t have that many national Tier 1 universities, and we were about to overwhelm our major Tier 1 university with automatic admissions..."

So, it seems, the program is over, or at least severely curbed because not enough of the kids who are already advantaged by a good high school are getting into college and TX is worried that kids from other high schools are lowering the quality of their colleges. This may not seem that absurd an argument until you realize that the same people worried about the quality of the colleges being affected by lower-quality high school graduates are the same people who refuse to take steps to rectify the situation in lower-quality high-schools.

The article is here and I recommend reading it.


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