Thursday, May 07, 2009

So, the big news I read this morning is that the Mormons may have posthumously baptized Barak Obama's Mom. deal. If you're not Mormon, it means some people put on silly clothes and did a little ceremony that you don't believe in. If you are Mormon, it means you offered someone a chance at eternal bliss and happiness (or something of that nature) that she otherwise wouldn't have had. Why does it matter? It doesn't. It's a bunch of BS. What the Catholics do in their church, or the Mormons in theirs, or the Zoroastrians in theirs, so long as it doesn't hurt someone else means nothing to those who aren't Catholic or Mormon or Zoroastian. Does anyone else think this era of completely unnecessary...I don't even know the word for it...offense? is going to end soon? It's like people are trying to be out-offended by other people. Just lay off...that's my opinion.


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