Friday, April 10, 2009

I don't have a lot of time (as you can tell by my monthly posts, if that), but I read an article today (Connecting the Dots: The Link Between Gay Marriage and Mass Murders), the premise of which is stated here:
"It most certainly is not my intention to blame the epidemic of mass murders on the gay rights movement! It is my intention to point out that the success of the sexual revolution is inversely proportional to the decline in morality; and it is the decline of morality (and the faith that so often under girds it) that is the underlying cause of our modern day epidemic of mass murders.

In response, I have posted a link to Steven Pinker's TED talk, where he argues that we currently live in the most peaceful time in the history of humanity. It's interesting and far more persuasive than the article.


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Did you get to see the President when he was there? If so, impressions?

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