Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Love Dick!!

This morning, I awoke at 0330 to make it to work on time.
"That early?" you are probably asking...yes. You see, Dick Cheney was here to speak (!!OMG!!) so, about 10,000 soldiers were woken up early, sat in the cold for six hours and told to "cheer so loud they could hear us in Iraq and Afghanistan" when he arrived. They passed out little flags for us to raise (which most people just stuck in their pockets) and had a well intentioned band play country music before his arrival.

The speech was marked by his typical flair for words and references to 9/11 and Al-Qaeda and Iraq (without any direct links of course) and a smattering of applause. I use the word "smattering" purposely. The marked difference between this election and that four years ago was that military audiences were an easy target for Bush/Cheney in '04...no longer the case.

After his speech, as he made his way up and down the aisle to shake soldiers' hands, the beeline was for the exit, not the VP.


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