Thursday, February 21, 2008

Having been a private for so long, it is sometimes hard to act as a Lieutenant and give orders instead of taking them. It is an awkward situation to be in, having people do what you say, if you've never been in the position before.

My opportunity working at the DFAC is giving me the opportunity to lead in an area where I do not have the knowledge or ability to do the jobs of the soldiers I am leading and thus, I am learning the importance of leading and decision making versus "doing". I think it is probably pretty valuable for me to learn.

Too often, when there are a lot of tasks to be accomplished, if I know a lot of the are easy, I will take them all on myself, feeling it silly to delegate such a simple task. This often leads to me nickle and diming myself into too much work. Now, I am realizing that the job of a Lieutenant isn't to "do"'s to delegate and decide. The outcome is my responsibility, but not the work necessary to reach that outcome.

Funny how sometimes it takes a situation that you can see only bad in to learn something valuable.


Blogger moville said...

Along the same lines, my grad advisor used to say that we(grad students)could learn just as much, if not more, from bad profs/instructors as good ones. And he was learn from them what NOT to do, how NOT to deal with students, do lectures, etc. So sometimes there is grace to be had in what appears to be a bad kind of have to look for it, as you point out here.

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