Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pulling in from lunch today, there were a few dozen motorcycles in front of the gate with large flags billowing behind. They were the Patriot Riders, I believe they're called. Bikers who take it upon themselves to escort fallen servicemembers to the grave. Something about the sight of them, waiting for the funeral to reach the gate, hit me.

The men on bikes didn't know anything about the soldier coming to the gate. For all they knew, they could have had nothing in common...ancestry, family, religion, politics...nothing. But because of their service, and because the bikers feel that strongly about being Americans and grateful for that fact, they waited to pay their respects.

It was really a very poignant and beautiful sight that exemplified all the best values people think of when they imagine the military and patriotism. It was what we all hope our Country can be, even when know it isn't always what it is.


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