Saturday, February 09, 2008


I love old people. I was telling Lee that I think I'd be happy living in an old age home...but now. I love hearing how they see the world, and me, and my problems and issues and potential, but from the perspective of someone who's lived the life that still lies ahead for me. That is why I posted the Fix You post earlier. It's a clip from a documentary about a choir of people all over seventy years old titled Young@heart. The gentleman singing it was supposed to be singing a duet, but the second gentleman died before the concert. I can only try to imagine being him...out there singing that song for a friend at his age. I wonder if it's harder to deal with, knowing your death is close, or if it's harder, as you know you will soon be together. I think about death often, but not so much about being old. I think that's why I like old people as much as I do. In any case, I've got to call my grandmother now...I hope she's still up.


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I totally agree. Most of my graduate advisers were over 70, and they not only wrote history, but MADE it as some of the first Americans ever to travel to and work in Communist Russia. Most of them are now gone, but now there is a good-sized senior citizen contingent that attends my classes at school, and each of them has enriched my life in some way, whether it's through a trip to New York to see the Metropolitan opera, interviews about World War II with a Silver Star-winning former Airborne regimental surgeon, or sharing potluck lunch after class with expertly prepared delicacies like homemade rum cake. They're a great group with a lot of elan and joie de vivre, just like the man in that video you put up.

Thanks for a great post.

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