Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Officer Professional Development...

I had my first OPD today. Two days ago, we got a packing list for a rucksack and a list of teams. All the Officers in the Brigade were split up amongst seven teams. I, however, was left off the list. When I got to work this morning, my Battalion Commander was heard walking up to the formation sight (which had litters, water jugs and sandbags all lined up) and saying, "Where is Adam?"

I thought to myself, "Surely she couldn't mean me, Adam Harmon." But alas, I was wrong. Not only did she mean Adam Harmon, but she was also under the impression I was some sort of physical stud. I looked around at my team...a female Lieutenant Colonel who was Captain of the West Point swim team when she was a cadet, an Infantry Captain, a smaller short female major, a female first lieutenant who had a very deep voice and towered over me and a Chief Warrant Officer who was short, but built. I was, surely, out of my league.

We stacked our equipment onto the litter and began to run up the hill. We dropped our things and divvied out the items to carry on a scavenger hunt that would amount to three or four miles. I was left with a sandbag which I threw over my shoulder and began to run. We made it to the first point and my BC came up and said, "Adam, switch out." I said that it was alright, the sandbag was easy to carry. She said, "I know. Take the water-jug instead."

Bummer. I took the water jug and began to run...up three flights of stairs, around the barracks, down the hill and up again...we crossed a field and traffic and otherwise ran all over West Fort Hood. Someone ran up behind me, "Need a break LT?" I, so out of breath I couldn't quickly respond, "Yes! Please! Thank you oh so much..." was surprised to hear my BC running behind me.

"No," she said chipperly, "Adam's fine...he's got this."

We didn't win the race, but I had a ton of fun in the process and think I made a much better impression on her than our first two meetings (one of which involved me straddling her flag and trying to case it myself, the second was at my friend's Superbowl party where I drunkenly told her about a tattoo I wanted to get).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adam! I always enjoy reading your blogs. It's really good to hear how you are doing now and again. I miss you. Overall, how are you?

8:44 PM  

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