Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I apologize for not writing as often. I am now far more cognizant of what I write about and who reads this. Unfortunately, that means I can't write about large portions of my life for fear that I breach the trust that soldiers and the Army have placed in me. For example, if I write about something going on at work (which is often a soldier issue), and that soldier reads about it, it would probably be inappropriate. I would love to write about my new boss, or my new tasks, but what if she were to read this? Anyway, I am trying to continue to find things to write about that you may find interesting and still give you insight into what's going on in my life since, I'm sure, that's why you're reading this.

One thing that I've found interesting lately is the way I've been able to talk about politics with my friends now. Whereas before, it was all very emotional and overwhelming almost, now I find that we have all distanced ourselves from the results. Which is strange because we, more than most, will be effected by the results. In any case, the distance has made the discussions much more interesting as we can talk about the Presidential race much like one would a horse race. Emotion on the side, the issues and tactics become easier to see.

I saw two photos recently that elicited a strong reaction from me. The first I found amazing in that it really captured the spirit of the current democratic nomination process. This picture seems to me to illustrate the difference between now and four years ago when Democrats were scrambling and angry and tired...the "Dean Scream" and Kerry windsurfing and...the overall atmosphere was of the WWF mixed with a carnival. Now, everyone, left right or center, seems to see the Democratic front-runners as, if anything, too good to compete with one another. It just struck me as interesting. I'm sure other photos could be found which show them in the opposite light, and that's the second reason this picture struck me. Simply changing the lighting and coloring makes them both appear so presidential. Amazing. And, it helps me to see this so I know not to be swayed too easily by images.

The second photo which struck me was the one above, but for very different reasons. I'm getting older, and sometimes it's easy to forget that. I remember when William Jefferson Clinton was elected President the first time and Chelsea was in braces and had long awkwardly curly hair. She wasn't considered all that beautiful by anyone I can remember. I was her age, awkward myself, but not the President's child, so no one remembers me now how I was then. Chelsea, on the other hand, has morphed in front of all of us. And now, suddenly seeing her almost sixteen years from the first time I did (when we were both around eleven years old), I realize how old I am. It's an odd feeling to suddenly realize the world has been turning and you just weren't paying attention.


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