Saturday, January 19, 2008

More food...

I made crepes this morning because I remembered hearing on Top Chef that "girls love crepes." Last night, I was a dick to my roommate after I had drank a little too much and felt bad. So, I woke up, put on a pot of coffee and went to the store. I figured, the best way to say sorry was 1. to have her wake up to a quiet apartment and the smell of already hot coffee and 2. to make crepes. I had never made them before, but figured they couldn't be too hard. In fact, they were pretty easy. Simple recipe too (two cups flour, three eggs, two cups milk, sugar, cinnamon and salt). The key was putting in just enough of the batter such that they didn't come out like pancakes but were thick enough to flip. I then sauteed some of the berries I had and put those in one and made a second with Nutella inside. My room ate added ice cream (because I mentioned I may put vanilla in the batter next time).

I have also found a fun new culinary pastime (however that is spelled). I walk down the frozen food section and then choose something that looks delicious and try to make it myself or change it to make it better. California Pizza Kitchen makes frozen thin crust pizzas which Lee brought over the other night. I cut up some mushroom, spinach and avocado to put on top and it was amazing. Tonight, I am making these wonton type things with shrimp, mushroom, chives, goat cheese and onion inside. I'll post pics if they're delicious.

Also, about my last post. I was pretty upset when I wrote it and the last line was incredibly rude and arrogant. I would have simply deleted it, but that's really not my style, so, take this as an apology to anyone who reads it as it was directed mainly at one person (who I doubt even reads this), my apologies to all.


Blogger Alex said...

Adam I was really wounded by that last post. You should make me some crepes.

12:50 PM  

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