Monday, January 14, 2008


Anyone in the military knows how awesome inventories are. You put out everything you're supposed to have and then make sure you have it, and then put it away. This isn't so bad when you have, say, boxes of computers, but when you have things like cammo nets which have a zillion parts (you try keeping track of thirty little clips on fourteen sets of cammo nets), it can be a bitch. Well, after a week of doing nothing (literally), doing an inventory was a breath of fresh air. Moreover, it was my first one as an officer!! (<-exclamation points are only kind of sarcastic) So, that's what I did today before trying to get a new ID.

My first Sergeant had to "counsel" me about my "lack of discipline" in "losing" my ID. He got far too much enjoyment out of it, knowing full well what had happened he laughed the whole time and stressed the "discipline" aspect of it. Apparently, having a uniform, being on a military post, at a military bank and holding your valid passport in hand isn't enough to cash a check or shop at the PX. I tried to get a new ID after yesterday's fiasco and went down to the ID place after the inventory. I got there at 1400 and the sign said they closed at 1700...three hours early. I walked in and the lady behind the counter said, "Sir, we're closed." I pointed out the sign says they were open until 1700 and she (much like the officer yesterday) took off her glasses in an exasperated manner and said, "Well Sir, what the sign doesn't say is that we only have three machines and room full of people to do still...we're closed."

I drove back to work, through the gate again and got stopped. I handed the guy my passport and he chuckled...chortled even...out loud and said, "You lost both your drivers liscence and military ID??" I said that, no, it had been stolen, and he laughed. asshole.


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