Saturday, December 29, 2007


I have been living with Ms. Bruning for one week and three days now. It is a lot of fun as are most things one could do with Ingrid because she's just a fun person. Having a kitchen is fun too. I like to cook and do it as often as possible without going broke or getting fat. Here are some pictures of food we've eaten. I would also like to point out that, minus the cost of the pot to boil the water in and the bottle of wine, the pasta, shrimp and dip night cost us a total of seven dollars and fifty cents. We pretty much rock.
Wine, some sort of dip and a shrimp tray (four dollars on special...split in half between snacking and the pasta below)
Shrimp, garlic and sun dried tomato sauce, mushrooms, tomato and spinach.
Breakfast this morning...chorizo and eggs, tortillas, bacon, mimosas and coffee with chocolate liqueur (the ones my mom gave me for Christmas in place of sugar).
Ingrid. Not food, but still a photo worth posting. If you ain't Chem, you ain't shit...or something like that.


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