Sunday, January 13, 2008


What a weekend...
Friday, after I got off work early, I came home and stopped by the store. My friend Lee came over and we decided to hang out at the apartment and make Filipino food. It had been a while since I've made pancit and adobo, but it came out deliciously (no pictures this time...don't know where my camera is). The next day, Lee, Ingrid and I went down to Austin because we were going to a Martini Mixer and needed to buy some appropriate wear. I am not much of a shopper and quickly tired of shopping and wanted to come home. Anyway...I'll skip to the craziness...
We went to the mixer and had a blast. Lee was the DD so he drove us home and crashed here since it was already 230 in the morning or so. We woke up to an apartment with the front door open and both bedroom doors open. Our wallets (and Ingrid's purse), which had all been placed on the kitchen counter as we got home, were not there. We had, apparently, not locked the door that night and some Killeenian had walked in and walked out with our things.

We went to the police station to file a report (I still don't know why as they will never catch him/her and it didn't help expedite getting new ID's or anything). The Officer on duty, while filling out the paperwork, stopped awkwardly at the "race" section. He looked through the glass at me and took off his spectacles in such a manner as to show me he was just fed up with trying to figure out what race I was. I told him just to choose any and it'd probably work.

Now, I'm home, wondering how I'm going to drive to work tomorrow. With no military ID, I can't get through the gate without showing a drivers licence...but that was in the wallet also. Maybe I'll take my passport?


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and the lesson learned is......?

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