Sunday, November 18, 2007

watering hole...

I went to a country bar tonight to celebrate my friend's birthday. It was definitely an interesting crowd and an interesting night, especially from an anthropological sense. You see, I've never worn a cowboy hat or boots and my jeans have always been baggy enough that I could, if necessary, put them on while wearing a pair of shoes. This isn't necessarily better or worse than what people wear to a country bar, just different. I had grown use to bars I normally go to and how people act and dress at them and one tends to assume that what one is use to is what is "normal". This means, when confronted with something different, it seems strange. What was cool about it, however, was that people, no matter what they are wearing at a bar or what kind of music, still act the same, but since people were dressed differently and I felt out of place, I was able to watch what normally goes on at a bar (drinking, dancing, flirting etc.) from a distance and remove myself from it. Bars are like watering holes and, if there were a voice over, it might say something like, "The females of the species will now move to the edge of the watering hole to perform a dance to entice the males. The males will stand to the side feigning disinterest until eye contact is made. Males can attract the attention of the competing females by making an offer of food or drink or making aggressive moves at one another in order to prove their superiority over the other competing males..." This could go on and on all night...there are even "wounded" animals who can't compete with the others and fall to the jackals (those would be the males you know are slime who walk in and circle the floor looking for easy prey).

All things considered, it was an interesting, and definitely fun, night.


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