Saturday, November 17, 2007

Radio Football...

Heartbreaking defeat for Army football today which we listened to in my room with a one hour delay. The hotel doesn't get ESPN Classic and the internet is too slow for the live internet broadcast which left us to listen to it over my computer. We hooked up the speakers and sat down after Boges had a 15 mile ruck march this evening at 0430 in the morning. I made breakfast and Boges, Tyler and myself sat around listening to the game. Army started off strong outscoring Tulsa in the first quarter 17-14 and the game went back and forth from there. Down by eleven with five minutes left, Army scored and converted for two points bringing them within three points of Tulsa. Tulsa drove to the two yard line and Army stopped the drive picking up a fumble. Two minutes left and Army had the ball...95 yard drive necessary to win the game.

At this point, the simulcast was almost running at the same time as the live game since the telecast didn't stop by half-time or commercials. The phone rang and I picked it up without was a friend at school who said over the noise of the crowd, "We lost."

I hung up to hear that Army had turned it over again at the five, Tulsa had scored a run and the game was over.

While it was fun to listen to a game instead of watching it, it would have been more fun to see an Army victory...guess I'll have to wait two weeks for the Army/Navy game for that.


Blogger beth said...

we lost cuz the dean did the "i believe" cheer...

someone needs to tell him politely that that cheer is the one thing that will guarantee a loss in any sport

4:19 PM  

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