Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Mom...

I fell asleep in class today durring a break and had such an amazing dream that prompted me to remember one of the earliest and best memories of my mom. We have ten minute breaks every hour and we had just finished a bit of an uphill ruck march that morning, so I was exhausted. Normally I don't sleep durring the duty day as I find it unprofessional. Today, however, I racked out without a second thought...I don't even remember intending to do so, it just happened.

In any case, as I was sleeping I got the sudden taste of chocolate and peanut butter in my mouth. In my half-sleep state, I was no longer in uniform, but I was sitting on the step between the dining room and living room in our house in Lomita with rust colored carpet and yellow lanolium in the kitchen. I was excited because I'd gotten an Easter Bunny made of chocolate that I was able to eat by myself without sharing with my sisters. I wanted to have some and said my mom could have a bite. We broke the ears off and I laughed at the rabbit with no ears...we laughed and laughed and ate the ears. I wanted another piece, but knew I wouldn't get more because...well, I was a kid and kids didn't get two scoops of chocolate!

My mom asked if I had tried it with peanut butter and I said no. She opened the peanut butter and we both broke off new pieces of chocolate. We dipped them in the peanut butter and ate...and it was delicious. We sat on the step breaking, dipping and eating and laughing at how good it was and how much fun it was and, before we knew it, we had finished the whole rabbit and almost all the peanut butter.

I don't remember why that memory came back today, but it did. I woke up with a huge smile on my face and that feeling you get when you've hugged your mom for the first time in a long time. It was nice...but hopefully I can go home and get that feeling again in person.


Blogger moville said...

That's a great ability to have, to be able to summon warm moments and feelings from your past and store them up for days and weeks that aren't nearly so warm or welcoming.

Double Happy Veterans' Day on're now a veteran of the officer class as well as the world of enlisted men and women. How do officers celebrate, anyway?

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