Monday, November 12, 2007

livin like a hampster

My friend has a pet hamster, Lucky. He has a ball you can put her in which allows her to run freely around the room without getting into your things. As we watched a movie tonight, the little ball was running everywhere, bumping into walls, my legs, stacks of books and doors. I quickly lost interest in the movie and followed the ball...up the room, into the bathroom, to the door, under the bed, between my legs and around again. I began to wonder what it would be like in the bubble. How strange it would be, I thought, to propel yourself around in this construction that separated you from the world around you, all the while, you were nearly experiencing your surroundings, but always from a realm of safety and a distance as to make it artificial.

I left his room and remembered I wanted to read a book which I left in my car and went out to get it. As I sat in the passenger seat looking for the book, I realized...I was in my own sphere of sorts! The realization was actually genuinely exciting to me and I sat for a moment imagining myself using my car as a bubble. Up the mountains it would go and through the desert, over the river, under the bridge...I would bounce off buildings and speed away to the forest.


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