Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Normally, when I get a lunch off, I come home, eat something and take a nap. Other times, I dabble online and see what kinds of interesting things are out there. Today I chose the second route, but instead of the typical mindless nonsenese I find I found all sorts of interesting things to read, some good, some bad, some just interesting. I haven't had time to sort through all of them yet to really figure out what I think, but mostly, the articles sparked my mind to think and start to spin again after a mindless day of class. Anyway, here were the most interesting ones I scanned over the last hour or so (plus one that's not an article, but I still thought about...)
  1. Texas Teacher's Union pension fund invested in the Chinese coal industry. Interesting...kind of sucks if you are a teacher who doesn't really support the idea but just didn't read where your money was invested.
  2. Twenty men arrested in NY at a truck stop for soliciting sex (or various other similar charges). The interesting thing about this article is that all twenty but one are married men. The one? Oh, he's a Priest.
  3. Family. I talked to my mom, my little sister and my Grandma last night for quite a while. I had intended on going to sleep sometime around seven but the phone kept me up until half past ten. My little sister was doing well and sounded happy as always. My mom was feeling a bit down as yesterday was my Dad's birthday. I talked to her for quite a while and we cried as I reminisced about my dad. It always makes me feel good to get it out every once in a while. After that, I spend over an hour on the phone with my Grandmother. She's such an amazing woman. She spent the last month with my Aunt in Tenessee who has cancer. Apparently she has two brain tumors now which they say give her no loner than Dec. but, as my Grandmother said, Aunt Janet just isn't letting go that easily, so who knows how long she'll hold on. Anyway...I could go on and on about how talking to those three has just been on my mind lately, but don't have the words for it. Point is...I miss them all and love them.

There was a lot more I read, but I can't think of it all right now and I'm running out of time. I have to get back to class to learn how to use more windows based programs (who'd have known that if I need help I can click the "help" button? Amazing how thorough military schooling is isnt it?) Oh, also, my car is fixed...hooray!


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