Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back into the Fray...

So, tomorrow I fly to Houston to pick up my car and drive to Oklahoma. My Grad leave has ended. It's very strange to realize that, while officially I've been a Lieutenant for a month now (almost exactly actually) starting in two days, it's all serious again.

Leave has been amazing. I think (and I know this may sound strange) that I've fallen in love with America again. I have seen NY, NJ, PA, MD, TN, VA, WV, AK, TX, CA and OR in the last month. My graduation party had people from high school (including my old physics professor who brought me a bottle of homemade limoncello), family, friends from WP and other people. I spent time with Lucia and hung out with my mom...all things considered, these thirty days have been great.


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