Monday, June 04, 2007

Belize day 1...

Today began my week in Belize. It didn't go as planned...Mayan ruins. Instead, I woke up and read in hammock for about two hours. From there, we drove to a river that runs through some caves and floated the river with our tour guide, Tiny. That took some time...the water was cold, the air hot and sunny and everything was covered in trees and vines and moss--beautiful.

After that, we drove to the capital to see the Prime Minister's building. We saw his car as we pulled in, so we decided to stop in and say joke. We went up in board shorts and t-shirts, said hi, and left with his left-overs from lunch. You may think I jest, but pictures will be posted once my friend gives them to me. The Prime Minister recognized the name Tiny...they were, apparently, acquaintences.

After that, we went to drive home, and the truck broke down. We waited for help from family, and, in the meantime, three different cars stopped to offer rides, cell phones or other aid. Belizians, I am finding, are very nice people. Eventually, a mechanic tied his truck to ours, pulled us to his shop, and gave us a ride home to Belize City, some thirty minutes away.

What tomorrow holds, I have no idea...


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