Friday, June 15, 2007

California to Portland...

Troy and Kelsea flew out to California three days ago. I picked them up at the airport and we had lunch with my godmother in La Jolla at an amazing restaurant overlooking the bay. The water was uncharacteristically blue for California and the sky's usual June Gloom had burned was absolutely beautiful. The food was typical California cuisine (some fish, avocaado and cilantro) and we had some summer drinks (mojitos mainly).

From there, we went home and visited some friends of mine (technically, they were my friend's parents, but, I'm old enough and we've been friends long enough I consider them my own friends). The Battaglias, as usual, gave us some glasses of amazing wine and Joe (which they are insistent I use instead of Mr. and Mrs. Battaglia now) popped open a bottle of champaigne to congratulate us and also threw together some outstanding pasta. Before we left, he also gave us a small glass of twenty year old port which was pretty much the best liquid I've ever tasted. I also stopped by Bill and Diane's house and interrupted their dinner and Daily Show evening, but the conversation was great and Troy and Kel's left the night, I think, understanding how I became who I am just a little better having met some of the people who have been part of my life for so long now.

My mom made enchiladas and we ate breakfast the next morning at the Garden Center Cafe (more avo based meals) and began our drive to Monterey. We took the one all the way up so Troy could see a more beautiful part of California than the 5 would offer. He was impressed and we saw Santa Barbara, San Louis Obispo and a sub-par sunset in Big Sur. Once in Monterey, we went to a pretty decent Mexican place for lunch and margaritas, went for a run along the coast, drove to Carmel for the beach and returned to go to dinner in Monterey. Dinner was at a really delicious fish place where we all made Troy feel bad for ordering sword fish and then we went to some of my old favorite bars. At one, some Indian woman with her Marine husband bought us a round of drinks because we were all in the Army. (The group was old enlisted friend of mine and five cadets who, in a few short months, will probably never see one another again).

Today, we leave for Portland.


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Aw, this post made me homesick.

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