Thursday, June 21, 2007


If I hadn't tired of hipsters while in NY, Portland did it to me. But, that's besides the point...what is important is that I had the most fun I've had with Lucia and her husband, Shamus, than I have had in years.

It's so strange to see my little sister grown up and all adult like...working, bills, friends, an apartment and all the other things grown ups who aren't me do. They have changed and grown so much it's amazing.

We ate lots of food (much of which was vegan) and drank lots of good beer (Lucia and I found a stellar micro-brew in Portland that I love) and just...had fun. I haven't really had a chance to do that with Lucia in so long it was great and with Shamus, I don't think I'd ever before had the chance to enjoy his company as much as I did over the last four days.

That being said, I miss her already and can't wait to visit again (unless, of course, her and Shamus want to make the trek out to Texas to visit Kristie and I?)


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