Monday, November 20, 2006

Airports Rock!

OK, not so much. Last night, after our concert, we went to our sponsors houses in Indiana. I can say, this is the first time I've really been in "middle America." In one night, I ate a meal where everything came soaked in gravy, I was invited to their family bible study and everyone I met was rotund. I sat down to finish my project for Environmental Engineering on the formica table in the kitchen while the twins ran around the house trying to memorize thier bible verses for class tomorrow. Ten minutes later, I felt sick and couldn't concentrate, so I decided to shower. As I was showering, I got sick...not figuratively, literally. I jumped out of the shower and barely made it to the toilet in time to throw up my breakfast, lunch and dinner, which I could taste coming out in reverse chronological order.

I quit the project and tried to sleep off the sick, but instead woke up every fifty minutes to run to the bathroom and throw up again. It was the full body kind of heaves where your face gets red and pale at the same time, your eyes cry, you sweat and shiver at once and, for some reason, don't ever feel better.

We woke up at 0445 to go to the airport only to find out plane didn't work. We turned around and disembarked the plane that was supposed to leave at 0800 to board one that left at 1050 instead. We split between two planes and the second group was supposed to arrive at 1400...they are now delayed until 1650 and we have to wait here for them. Awesome. I love airports. I love being sick.


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