Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is This Serious???

I just stumbled upon the Senates "Majority Fact of the Day" from the committee on Environment and Public Works. Todays "fact" is a rebuttal of...a children's book! Yes, this is what our Senate is working on. To be fair, the book is poorly drawn, but still...

If you read their rebuttal, you'll notice that they quote themselves in another "Majority Fact of the Day" where they quote a French Socialist Scientist as capping a "year of vindication" for skeptics of global warming. Ha ha, well...those darn French were wrong when it came to Iraq, but they were sure as hell right when it comes to Global Warming. Or, so the Republicans will continue to believe. I can't wait until the Democrats are in charge again.


Blogger Alex said...

It's so disturbing how they twist science around. What's really sad is that the effects the storybook is talking about are really happening right now. Last month I went to a presentation from a very well respected ecologist about his research with villages in the arctic who are loosing their biggest food supply due to climate change. Warming in the arctic is causing increased fire cycles, destroying the tundra and causing the caribou herds to migrate away from the villages that depend on them.

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