Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Branch Night...

We got our branches on Sunday night. That means I know what job I'm going to have now...pretty sweet. Looks like I'll be going Military Intel again. We all got our envelopes with our branch insignia inside and then listened to some speeches while holding them unable to open them until instructed. When we were finally able to do so, there were tears and cheers, a lot of hugging, and a lot of beer. It's wierd...I'm one step closer to really being in the army again and actually being an Officer. Crazy. Here are some pictures:
Me and Ms. Mary waiting to open our envelopes...

Me, Tim and Liz excited about our branches. Tim's gonna be a pilot.

Me, Doobs and the General...The Commandant...the man who drowned a deer with his bare hands (no, I'm not kidding)

Me, Greg and Pat...Pilot, Infantry, Military Intel. This was right before the blood pinning began. Now I have holes in my chest and a slight throbbing when I lift my backpack...but it's well worth it.


Blogger Claire said...

Congratulations, Army Boy! Wait...are we actually going to have to rely on you for "intelligence" now? Holy moly. Also, I like how you drop in stuff like, "yeah, I was just hanging out at the UN the other day..."

8:59 AM  

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