Saturday, September 23, 2006


Tonight, after an uneventful day and a night drinking with Tim, I came back to heat up a generously offered piece of pizza. I put it on a paper towel and into the microwave...and I thought of three things.
  1. As the pizza spun, I realized that while I know nothing about math, the way the paper interacted with the walls of the machine was fascinating. Something tells me the corners made parabolic arches against the sides...but, the paper was pliable enough that it didn't crease or just moved in interesting wave patterns across the inside of the microwave heating me my dinner.
  2. I remebered growing up, when we'd put popcorn in the microwave, slightly after the Jiffy Pop era...and we'd watch it pop. My mom would remind us that we could lose our eyes if we watched it pop (because of the radiation).
  3. I thought of watching it pop from our kitchen, which had a nook overlooking the living room. There were wood beams running parallel to myself, perpendicular to my view, all the way to the brick fireplace. The rust colored carpet gave our house a very seventies feel. I remember, vaguely, removing the carpet and putting in tiles (I still cringe when I hear terra cotta rubbing against terra cotta). I remember thinking, even then, about how important a home was, and how much I couldn't wait to build my own.

We'll see about childhood dreams.


Blogger Claire said...

Good listing. Also, I'm a retard about recognizing people's voices over the phone.

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