Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Funny and Disgusting...

I stumbled upon two things today...one the funniest I've seen in a while and the other the most disturbing. I think I'll start with disturbing so that by the end, the laughter at the end will make the first part less unsetteling.

The dude at the top is named Armin Meiwes. He's a cannibal. The dude at the bottom is a fellow named Bernd Brandes. He wanted to be eaten. The met online, met in person and then, all on video, Armin cut off Bernd's...appendage...grilled it and they ate it together. Then Armin got into a bathtub of hot water to "bleed out" was cut up and eaten slowly over ten months.

No, seriously. Apparently Armin had other fellows willing to be eaten which didn't work out for other reasons. Here are some emails found on his computer and court transcripts:

Wannabe lunch Dirk Moeller, a German conference organiser living in London, was next.

Meiwes said: "He wanted me to pronounce a death sentence upon him like in a court so I got one made up from a document on the internet. He came to the house but he backed out, too. We ended up going to the pictures to watch Ocean's Eleven."

and then this one, Andreas, from Regensburg in southern Germany:

"He wanted me to pick him up in a cattle truck and slaughter him like a pig," said Meiwes."I told him to take the train. I picked him up at the station and we went back to the butchery at my house. He wanted me to wear rubber boots, which he licked. I wrapped him in clingfilm ready for slaughtering but he backed out. So we just fooled around, drank beer and ate pizza."

Whew...now, onto the comedy. There is a group called Improv Everywhere that I just found online that is absolutely hilarious. In this clip, a man is pretending to be jumping off a building...but the ledge is only four feet high. There is a wife, a cop, a concerned co-worker and fireman...it's hilarious. Just watch...


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