Sunday, February 05, 2006


Random things I notice durring the game:
  • A moment of silence for Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks seems like a good idea...until you realize you're got a crowd there for the which case, you realize "moment of silence" is easy to confuse with hooting, whisteblowing and cheering
  • A commercial for Pizza Hut with Jessica Simpson singing about pizza to the tune of "These Boots Were Made For Walking" and a voice over by Queen Latifah...just seems like an odd hodgepodge of "stars". No wonder she got divorced...didn't she? Well, I would if my wife sang about pizza.
  • The pre-game was sponsered by "Full Throttle" (that should have an echo)
  • The game is on ABC, but the online site is sponsored by
  • Harrison Ford delivering "Oh, The Places You'll Go" is scarey not funny (where do they get these ideas from? "yeah...Harrison Ford...and, who else? I don't know...Dr Seuss?"
  • Do you think Lofa Tutupu got made fun of because of his name before he was monster sized and a professional football player?
  • The Rolling Stones are really really old
  • MTV, it's sad to say, make a better halftime show than Sprint
  • Cadillac Post-Game show...I think football needs more coorporate would really add to the game
  • Hyperbolic rhetoric about the game said by either players or commentators, "This is the biggest game in the world." and "Football is the most difficult most team-building sport in the world."
  • My favorite comment of the night from my friends girlfriend, "Do you think John Madden has ever had sex?" the reply was a long pause followed by her fiance saying, "Probably not...can you name anyone uglier?"

Anyway...that's what I thought about as I watched the game...I'm quitting now about halfway through the third quarter. I'm bored and have homework.


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