Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two years and what a difference

Does anyone beside me seem to remember almost two years ago exactly when the Democratically controlled Congress was trying to enact Universal Health Care?  They went home for their break and held town hall meetings where all hell broke loose. The Tea Party, just recently established, sent people in to shout down Congressmen.  Despite all evidence to the contrary that this was a "grassroots" organization, the Democratic lawmakers continued to hold their town halls, get shouted down, and returned to DC.  Their constituents, however, were heard.

So, now we have another Congressional recess, and this time things have changed. One house of 1/3 of the government is controlled by the Republicans, but as we all know, this means anything shy of Republicans getting their way on everything means Democrats aren't "compromising".  They are in the middle of their nomination process (well, closer to the beginning) and have a few unpopular issues plaguing them--namely their House passed bill to completely tear down and re-shape Medicare as well as their votes to push the country to the brink of default. 

You'd think they'd be holding town hall meetings to meet their constituents in similar displays of "democracy" and "grassroots" organizing. But, you'd be wrong. Instead, we have the author of the Tea Party/House budget locking his doors, banning cameras and recorders, (unless you can afford the $15 luncheon) and a rash of Republicans (including Ben Quayle) who refuse to allow their voters to question them--unless you can afford to attend a ten dollar a head luncheon (well, $35 a head if you're Ben Quayle, the guy whose political ad was him staring into a camera saying, "Obama is the worst. President. EVER.).

One, Cravaack, was pressured by protesters and will now be holding a town hall tomorrow.

My point? I just think it's funny how before, the Tea Party was the great democratic grassroots wave of American voters here to save the day. Now, two years later when the Republicans are de-facto in power, the voters are to be kept at arms length...unless you represent business groups.


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