Thursday, July 28, 2011


A quick wrap up of what I'm reading:

  • Michelle Bachmann, yes, the same one who said Obama was un-American because of what his pastor said and who said Congressmen should be investigated for being un-American, doesn't like when people question her associations. Her husband owns a clinic teaching people to not be gay anymore, and while she's "proud of his work", when asked about it she replied, "I am running for the presidency … My husband is not running for the presidency … Neither is our business.”

  • The GOV of Texas quickly backpedals to remind us he's no REAL Federalist and that he doesn't like the gays as much as the next (republican) guy...

  • Hillary Clinton continues to impress with her diplomatic acumen and professionalism. While the DC politicians embarrass the country with their bickering, Sec. Clinton is out there reminding the world that we can still do things right.

  • California GOV Jerry Brown appoints Goodwyn Liu to the State Supreme Court, rebuking the Republican filibuster of his nomination to the Court of Appeals.


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