Sunday, March 27, 2011

republican primaries

The 2012 Republican Primaries are basically starting, or, at least, the posturing has begun. In Iowa there was a convention of conservatives recently. Here is my quick wrap-up of where things stand:
Tim Pawlenty- So, to sound more tolerable to the base, he's begun speaking with a southern drawl, and, of course, is anti-gay as far as one can be. Including calling transgendered people "deranged cross dressers".

Newt Gingrich- Thrice married, anti marriage equality Newt has one position he keeps consistently, and that is to say that whatever Obama is doing is wrong, regardless, even if it means contradicting himself. He also believes we can un-lift the gay ban (like T-paw) on the military. So, I guess all the gays who come out will either go back in the closet and all the straight people who know about them will pretend not to know anymore?

Michele Bachmann- Besides all her usual crazy, this is a woman who thinks if she reads it online, it's true.

Haley Barbour- Other than just being ridiculously boring, he seems sane enough other than the usual anti-gay stuff....oh, there was all that semi-racist stuff and lying about basic facts of the civil rights era.

Mike Huckabee- He recently called on "spiritual warriors" to protect America from "falling into the hands of those who would enslave us" and holy and to protect those things "that are pure and that are just." He was, of course, talking about keeping gays out of the army and from marrying.

Mitt Romney- Obamacare is bad, but the same thing from his own state when he was Governor was good...?

Herman Cain- He wants to be President, but simultaneously says he will not appoint any Muslims to any position because that would lead to Sharia Law. Nothing says "America" like blanket excluding people due to their religious beliefs! Oh, he also called the Democratic party a "plantation"...because, you know, personality politics and infusing race into things is in line with Conservativism.

So there you have it folks. A whole pack of people who think a large portion of Americans aren't deserving of rights (gays, atheists & Muslims) but who want to lead this country and everyone in it. Because nothing says "America" like dividing us into "real" and "fake". Maybe they should just change the saying from "out of many, one" into whatever is latin for "unless you're one of us, get out."


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