Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the 7% problem

I was listening to KPR (which, interestingly, is probably the best NPR affiliate I've listened to) this morning and switched for some reason to the local top 40 station. They were interviewing Bradley Cooper, who seems very smart, and the female radio personality asked him if he would want to take a pill that would let him use 100% of his brain.

This is where the conversation went somewhere that confused me--she then answered her own question with, "I wouldn't. If God wanted us to use 100% of our brains he'd have made it so we do it automatically." anyone else confused by this? If one attributes our brains to God, as well as our use of those brains, then wouldn't it mean our lack of use of them is either laziness or poor design? I really can't think of a good way out of this conundrum.

If anyone else can, please let me's been bothering me since this morning.


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